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Kenneth-FariedDuring an interview with, Morehead State (Kentucky, USA) basketball star Kenneth Fariad spoke warmly of his two mothers and how they have taught him to come to terms with what love is all about.

Kenneth Fariad, who is widely tipped to progress to NBA standard, was raised by his mother, Waudda, and for the past ten years, by her wife, Manasin Copeland. In the interview, he tells ESPN, “I think people have an aura about them and the first time I met [Manasin], I thought, ‘I like this lady’…and when they got married, that showed me what commitment is all about, that there are people out there that can commit.” His mother suffers from a debilitating disease, and as he says, “I look at them, what they’ve been through and I think, ‘Wow. That’s amazing.’ They’re amazing to me.”

He still calls Ms Copeland “Oomie”, which is Arabic for ‘mother’. Despite being aware that there are those who are prejudiced against such things, Fariad maintains that he encountered no problems growing up, “Maybe I was just lucky because I lived in New Jersey…There’s everything there, every culture, every lifestyle.”

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