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Stem cell treatment has already proved effective for conditions such as cancer and multiple sclerosis, and now it’s available to halt and reverse hair loss in both men and women.

Patients from as far afield as the USA, Brazil, Canada, Norway and Israel have flocked to Vie Aesthetics in London’s Harley Street to benefit from VieStem, a revolutionary new treatment which delivers amazing results.

The VieStem system transplants the patient’s own cells from the back of the scalp to the areas which need to be treated, increasing hair density with visible effects in less than six weeks.

The full effects of the treatment – thicker, denser hair – emerge after around six months, and because the procedure uses the patient’s own cells, it’s completely natural without any harmful effects whatsoever.

OutNews Global Chief Correspondent Steven Smith, one of the first to have this treatment at Vie Aesthetics, commented: “…my hair looked amazing; it felt thick in the areas that were worrying me. People actually commented on it. It definitely worked for me and several friends have booked to have it done. It’s a little miracle. Even my mum messaged me to say how nice my hair looked.”

VieStem micro-transplantation is safe, pain-free and actually works, improving the health of the scalp with no downtime at all. Most patients can be treated in a single session, with prices starting from as little as £2,000.

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