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With a runtime of less than eight minutes, The Son of Raw’s To Catch a Butterfly succeeds in highlighting some seriously weighty issues. Mental health, cruelty and revenge are all addressed in this atmospheric tale of two brothers yomping across the Yorkshire moors.

Dan Wilson, Chris Wild and Nick Page deliver powerful performances proving that you don’t need a three hour run time and gazillions of big Hollywood bucks to say something that needs to be said on the big or small screen. Special mention has to go to Chris Wild who manages to convey the innocence, fear and dread of his character with both depth and pathos.

I liked it a lot. See what you think:

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One thought on “Review. To Catch a Butterfly from The House of Raw.”

  1. Amazing acting from Chris Wild beautifully crafted film . it really makes you think
    love to see a full length version of Mr Wild acting.

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