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So, off to the Above the Stag theatre in London’s Vauxhall for what Artistic Director Peter Bull as dubbed the company’s “first lesbian play”.

Well, it may be the first but, if this excellent production is anything to go by, we should all hope that it won’t be the last.

Yes, some of the direction is a little laboured but, on the whole, Penetration manages to combine drama with comedy and, at its best, a lightness of touch and frequent changes of tone which keeps the audience on its toes.

The sexual tension between Rain (Tayla Kenyon) and Ash (Miriam O’Brien) is palpable, and when Ash’s mother Maggie is thrown into the mix, the ensuing triangle delivers snappy dialogue, angsty soul-searching and the obligatory drunken pass. Old tropes about homosexuality being “a phase’ are handled knowingly, and the production itself builds to a final act crescendo that is at once revealing and satisfying.

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