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This is not a drill! It’s finally here! Check out our review of the long-awaited Mamma Mia sequel.

Ten years on, the juggernaut of commercial success that is Mamma Mia continues to assault our senses with feel good codswallop, schmaltz and cheesy singing for singing’s sake but with an unexpected complexity of emotion that rendered not a dry eye in the exploration of genuine maternal love and familial relationships that many can relate to, in amongst lush scenery, camp set pieces and broad comedy strokes that illicit both groans and laughs in turn.

Others have criticised the fact that there aren’t as many ‘Abba Gold’ hits in this film-but as an Abba aficionado who performed their songs in concert myself for years, it was lovely to hear some of their lesser known hits get an outing alongside smashes such as ‘Dancing Queen ‘ and a very funny rendition of ‘Waterloo.’

DIVA ALERT! Cher and Meryl pucker up at the London première

Pierce Brosnan demonstrates (once again) why he shouldn’t take a singing role…SOS indeed! However, he and the majority of the original cast members make a welcome return, alongside a fresh and talented new cast portraying their younger selves. A charming and very watchable Lily James as Donna meets more fit blokes in 48 hours than you can shake a stick at. I am totally in love with Josh Dylan as young Bill (swoon) and the other boys equally gorgeous. As the young Rosie exclaims as young Sam and his torso appear ‘Jesus Christ! What kind of an Island is this?’ followed by young Tania’s ‘I visually enjoy you’. As their grown up versions, Julie Walters and Christina Baranski remind us of their brilliant comic timing and relationship and steal many of the scenes.

However, alongside Meryl’s aforementioned tear jerking appearance, Cher’s show-stealing turn as a Joan Rivers-esque glamorous Granny in all her diva glory must go down as one of the campest film performances of all time and brought joy and mirth to the entire audience. Maybe we all ‘have glitter in our veins’. ‘Mamma Mia-Here we go again’? I am very glad we did.

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again is in general release in the UK from 20 July.

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