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Once in a while a lyric comes along which is so obvious and relatable that you need to to check that it’s not been done before. So when Phoebe Axa’s latest release Hurts A Little Less dropped into my inbox with the refrain “hurts a little less when I’m with you”, my immediate reaction was to turn to Google.

Like the rest of the singer-songwriter’s work, the line turned out to be entirely original, expressing with a beautiful simplicity an emotion that can speak to all of us: whatever crap life might be throwing at me, it’s always better when I’m with you. 

Word on the street is that Hurts A Little Less is soon to receive some serious airplay and the uber-talented Axa deserves nothing less. The track is deceptive in its simplicity, managing to be both catchy and emotional, a trick that more experienced singer-songwriters often struggle to pull off.

In an age where female vocalists are frequently autotuned beyond recognition and pressured to dress like porn stars while, at the same time, having little or no input into their output, it’s wonderful to see some real talent emerge. As well as writing the track and providing the vocals, Axa plays all her own instruments, demonstrating beyond doubt that her star will surely continue to rise. 

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