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American Idol alumna and friend of OutNewsGlobal Erin Kirby’s latest release does exactly what a pop song is supposed to do: to encapsulate emotion in three short minutes.

Half in Love, with its soulful, haunting melody coupled with plaintive, heartfelt lyrics, tells the age old story: wanting to love someone but finding it impossible because feelings remain for another. As the lyric says, “I can’t give my whole heart to you when someone has the other piece.”

You’ve probably been there and, if you haven’t, one day you probably will.

Kirby delivers a performance which belies her tender 16 years; oozing heartbreak and with a maturity seldom achieved by those twice her age, her storytelling is at once universal and intensely personal, something far more easily said than done.

When we spoke to Kirby earlier this month we earmarked her as one to watch for some serious future success – watch here – and Half in Love has done nothing to change our minds. Predicting stardom in the notoriously fickle music industry is a dangerous place to go but, on this occasion, we’re going to stick our necks out.

This girl is going to be a megastar. And remember, you heard it here first.

Listen on Spotify right here, right now.

Half in Love is available to stream or download from all your favourite platforms. Search “Erin Kirby”.

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