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Forget Brexit, ignore coronavirus and put any concerns about the the tanking of the global economy on the back burner. This is the news we’ve all been waiting for and, with the pandemic continuing to limit the opportunities to meet new playmates in real life, there’s never been a better time to find out which type of holiday snap is most likely to get the attention of a potential partner on Tinder.

Gay Men.

Carefully filed away in the drawer marker “No Sh*t Sherlock”, we can reveal that the type of photo most likely to attract attention is the sexy beach shot, with our survey delivering an impressive 713 matches out of 1,000 swipes. Who would have thought that gay men found images of barely-dressed blokes lounging around in the sunshine attractive? It’s a funny old world.

Coming in at a strong number two in the hot parade (see what we did there?) are sightseeing pictures. Yeah, we had to check that too but we’re guessing that people who appear well-travelled and cultured have a certain allure. And when we say “a certain allure” we mean “money”.


We now open the drawer marked “Lesbian Stereotype” to discover that women who love women show a marked preference for images featuring animals with 602 out of 1,000 matches,  perhaps demonstrating that women displaying their caring side are most likely to get those juices flowing. 

Second up for lesbians – and we found this a bit surprising as it happens – were ski holiday pictures with images of food in exotic places coming in a very close third.

Straight people.

Hello to our heterosexual friends! Our market research tells us that around 10 – 15% of our readers identify as straight, which is fine by us. Some of our best friends are straight and we’re definitely not heterophobic. 

Aaaaanyway, straight men seem to prefer to swipe photos of women who ski (WTF is this obsession with skiing?) while heterosexual women expressed a preference for pictures of adrenaline junkies (as opposed to ACTUAL JUNKIES) which, let’s face it, is the straightest thing we’ve heard so far today. That said, coming in a very close second were images of men with animals (not like that, don’t be disgusting) so it’s not all about jumping off 200 foot cliffs into a lagoon, or whatever it is that adrenaline junkies actually do.

Credit and methodology.

Massive thanks to our friends at top travel firm Club Med for this survey. 

To conduct their study, Club Med created profiles on Tinder using their one specially-curated travel images as the first photo that people would see, and then paired these with generic group shots. They e swiped 1000 people overall on each profile, and then discovered how many people matched with each profile to determine the most popular travel photo.

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