At last. The groundbreaking research that fellatio fans have been waiting for…and it’s good news for vegans. One hundred lucky men, who we’re guessing didn’t need to be asked twice, volunteered to follow a strict vegan diet over a period of two weeks. Each week, they were instructed to add a large amount of one different type of food or substance to ascertain any changes to the taste of their semen.

Each volunteer had a long-term partner whose participation was essential…obvs. Hats off to them for being such good sports.

Study Highlights:

  • You may have heard the rumours about pineapple. Well, it turns out that they’re true – 81% of respondents reported sweet tasting sperm after being on a diet rich in fresh fruit.
  • CBD oil is the second-best sperm-sweetener, with 66% reporting mostly sweet sperm.
  • Stay away from Coffee and Chocolate to avoid bitter tasting sperm.
  • Fish, eggs and chicken caused sour tasting sperm in some respondents. We’ll bear that in mind.
  • Overly salty sperm could be caused by eating too much red meat or cheese!
  • Vegans will likely have sweeter tasting sperm, as they follow a diet high in fresh fruit and vegetables.

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  • The diet included fresh vegetables, lentils, nuts, seeds, legumes, grains and water to drink.
  • Each week they were told to introduce a different/food or substance in large set quantities and eat it daily.
  • Their partners were asked to report on how their sperm tasted at the end of each week.
  • These results were recorded to ascertain the effect of certain foods on the taste of semen.

Massive thanks to our friends at Edens Gate for this brilliant research.

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