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If barbers, beauty salons and pub gardens opening up isn’t good news enough for you, we’re thrilled to the point of orgasm to announce that OutNewsGlobal’s Chief Correspondent, Steven  Smith, has been nominated for the Positive Role Model Award in the 2021 National Diversity Awards.

The Awards, organised by The Diversity Group in association with ITV News, are without doubt the most prestigious diversity awards in the UK, with past winners including actor, comedian and Comic Relief founder Sir Lenny Henry, actor Warwick Davis and UK media giant Channel 4. 

A former celebrity hairdresser with a little black book to die for and two successful books to his name (a third is on its way) Steven gained global recognition with his “Tales of a single, middle-aged gay man” column in OutNewsGlobal which has covered a broad range of topics including racism, holidays and Madonna! 

Speaking from his chic west London pied-à-terre, Steven said, “I started ‘Tales of a single, middle-aged gay man’ to be a voice for the older LGBTQ community and to create something different in gay journalism . 

“We have now covered so many subjects the many would not tackle. Rob Harkavy took the column on and now it is read worldwide. Being nominated in the National Diversity Awards is not just an honour; it is also an opportunity to show that as a gay man you can be diverse and who you want to be while including everyone in your journey.

“Thank you OutNewsGlobal for giving me the opportunity which led to my being nominated.”

Our Editor, Rob Harkavy added, “OutNewsGlobal is just one of many voices in British LGBTQ+ media and Steven’s column helps beyond measure to set us apart from the pack. We are strong believers in diversity but that has to include diversity of opinion, and while Steven’s column is often controversial, it is always underpinned with kindness and generosity of spirit. I am absolutely thrilled for him and ever so slightly jealous.”

Away from his journalistic endeavours, Steven is a powerful and active advocate for people with autism and has for many years been a judge on Autism’s Got Talent.

For for information about the National Diversity Awards 2021, click here.

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