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Office for National Statistics said the proportion of UK young people who identify as lesbian, gay or bisexual has increased.

The figures are part of the ONS Annual Population Survey. Categories like transgender and intersex are not included as this data relates to sexual identity, not gender.

Roughly one in 30 young people in Britain identify themselves as LGB, this is up from one in 38 in 2012. The national average is around one in 60.

The 2015 figures also show that London is the region with the highest proportion of people identifying themselves as LGB (2.6%). The east of England has the lowest percentage (1.2%).

ONS statistician Pamela Cobb said: “In 2015, the majority (93.7%) of the UK population identified themselves as heterosexual or straight, with 1.7% identifying as LGB, the remainder either identifying as ‘other’, ‘don’t know’ or refusing to respond.”

In 2012, 230,000 people identified as bisexual, compared with 334,000 people in 2015.

The ONS also suggested younger people could be more likely than previous generations to explore their sexuality and pointed out it was now more socially acceptable to express their sexual identity.


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