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Drew-Ashlyn_Cunningham_at_Kingston_UniversityPrimary school children should be taught about transsexuals from the age of ten and have the option of jabs which delay the onset of puberty, according to Drew-Ashlyn Cunningham, one of the stars of Channel 4’s acclaimed My Transsexual Summer documentary series.

Drew-Ashlyn was speaking while visiting Kingston University in London on Wednesday (February 8) to talk to undergraduate Film and Television students as part of their ‘Identity and Difference’ module.

“If you think you are transsexual, pre-puberty is the time you want to start taking jabs to delay puberty because once you’ve gone through it, the physical changes are very hard to reverse,” she said.  “I am all for youngsters who are confused being helped to postpone puberty so they can decide what gender they really are.  I only wish this option had been available to me.”  Her comments come after it was revealed that six children in Britain will be given jabs to delay puberty on the NHS because they are convinced they are the wrong sex.

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