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The German football international, Tony Kroos, has said he would hesitate to recommend that a gay player should come out because of the likely abuse from opposition fans.

Speaking to GQ, the midfield ace said that while any player coming out would have the support of their club and team mates, he was concerned about abuse from the stands.

“My common sense tells me that we should all be able to live in full freedom, of that there is no doubt, But I don’t know if I would recommend a player to come out of the closet.”

He continued, “Certain words are often used on the field, and given the emotions experienced in the stands, I can’t assure you (that player) didn’t end up being insulted or belittled.

I am sure that a player, if he decides to take this step, would receive the support of many teams. But I doubt this will happen in front of rival supporters

“Every player has to decide for himself whether he considers it an advantage or disadvantage, though I think, even to this day they wouldn’t all be advantages.”

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