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Singer-songwriter opens up about her new music and fluid sexuality

Blackpool-born singer and songwriter Rae Morris has opened up about her sexuality in an interview with Gay Times.

In an article published before the weekend, Morris spoke openly about her experiences, telling the magazine that she thinks of herself as “being quite fluid”.

“I fall in love with who I fall in love with,” she added.

Speaking about her 2015 album, Unguarded, Morris explained: “There was a lot of that feeling and emotion in it. I felt really young and exposed because I’d spoken about relationships a lot in the music.

“I had a really intense and slightly difficult relationship that I wrote about, a lot. She happened to be a woman.”

Morris revealed in the interview that the whole of her first album, Unguarded, centered on her experience of dealing with her own sexuality, recommending it as a collection of songs for fans going through the same:

“The whole of my first album is about that experience, but the title track Unguarded is particularly emotional and would be fitting for that situation. There’s a lyric that says ‘colour me in any colour that you want’ and that could be referring to people putting a stamp on you for your sexuality.

“I think for people who are exploring gender and sexuality they could relate to that.”

Morris is planning a new album for release in early 2018, listen to her new single Do It above.



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