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Actor Victoria Broom, best known for EastEnders, Marcella and the web series Different For Girls talks to Rob Harkavy about how being a femme-presenting butch lesbian – a FUTCH, if you will –  has led to rejection and a lack of acceptance even within the LGBTQ+ community.

Speaking exclusively to OutNewsGlobal, the actor commented, “My ‘Being a Queer Woman’ series is a personal journey, created because I became frustrated at being pigeonholed into certain boxes by society.

“I am a very proud queer woman, coming out over 21 years ago, yet i never felt accepted or noticed as being queer even in my own LGBTQ community. And that’s because of the way I am perceived to present. 

“I present as a very feminine woman, yet i also feel very masculine. I guess you would say I’m a FUTCH, a femme presenting butch. (I quite like this, it feels empowering!). 

“Because I ‘present’ a certain way, it doesn’t necessarily follow that that’s what I am or how I feel. The amount of times, when I was growing up, that I got told I was too pretty and feminine to be a gay woman was infuriating. What does that even mean?!”

She continues, “I’ve wanted to create this collection for a very long time as I know many many queer women can relate to them, but are potentially too afraid to discuss or show their other sides. I want to break down those barriers of the queer woman’s gender and sexuality. 

“Women are multifaceted, women are powerful, strong, resilient, brave, beautiful, delicate, sensual, seductive, passionate, assertive, whatever the hell they want to be.. and now more than ever queer women should be able to feel the confidence to rise up and explore. 

“I want this collection of images to allow women to be and feel comfortable however they choose or don’t choose to present. 

“I am a queer woman. Hear me ROAR!”

Check out Victoria’s new photoshoot here.

Photos by Sidey Clark. Hair and make-up by Keyleigh Thomas.

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