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A transgender vicar, queer sex worker and Nigerian refugee walk into a studio…no, it’s not the start of a very bad joke, but a hint about the line up of a brand new queer podcast celebrating the coming out stories and experiences of some of the most diverse, inspiring and engaging LGBTQ+ people today. 

OUTcast Podcast, the newest podcast sharing coming out stories from inspiring LGBTQ+ people from all over the world, launched in September 2021 and on 11 October – which is National Coming Out Day – it will feature the deeply moving story of Victor Iringere. 

Harrowing but hopeful.

Victor Iringere is a Nigerian refugee, advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, activist for migrant communities and mental health champion who is also a proud gay man. His sexuality drove him to seek asylum in the UK after he was subjected to cruel conversation therapy, fasting, exorcisms and threats to his well-being that endangered his life in Nigeria. Now Victor lives in Birmingham with his husband, and he has opened up about his harrowing but hopeful coming out story in the third episode of OUTcast Podcast, out on Monday 11th October. 

Listen to a snippet of Victor’s story here.

Elsewhere in Season One of the podcast, you’ll hear stories from a transgender priest advocating for trans rights and for change in the Anglican church, and a queer novelist and sex worker who uses her significant online following and writing to champion LGBTQ+, women’s and sex worker rights. 

Royal Air Force.

Future OUTcast guests come from all walks of life – from a gay senior leader in the Royal Air Force, to public-facing LGBTQ+ authors, broadcasters and musicians – and they all discuss their coming out journeys in illuminating, honest and empowering conversations that reveal relatable experiences while shedding a light on issues affecting the LGBTQ+ community right now. 

OUTcast Podcast is presented by Rosie Pentreath, a writer, editor and content producer who has ten years of story-telling through publishing, podcasts, video and public speaking under her belt. She has worked at Classic FM (Global), at MasterChef, Gogglebox and The X Factor Australia, and as a writer for Cosmopolitan, Grazia, Reader’s Digest, BBC Music Magazine and Homes & Antiques magazine. With OUTcast, Rosie aims to unearth inspiring new role models for LGBTQ+ listeners seeking solace and support, while expanding the LGBTQ+ community’s network of allies. 

Coming out.

Coming out is something LGBTQ+ people do in many stages: rst to themselves, then for the very rst time to someone else, and then again and again to new people, on a daily basis, for their whole life. Coming out can be revelatory, a relief, really tough… or a mix of all those things. 

But, crucially, there’s a huge difference between living in stealth and living as yourself – and sharing coming out stories is vital to stop LGBTQ+ people from feeling isolated, conflicted and unable to live as their true selves. 

Every episode of OUTcast is accompanied by a beautiful illustration of that week’s guest, created by UK illustrator and graphic designer Sam Osborne. Take a look:

Founder and host, Rosie Pentreath says, “I founded OUTcast Podcast to share coming out stories from inspiring, diverse and courageous LGBTQ+ people to help others in our community feel hopeful, supported, or one step closer to their own coming out journey. 

“You can’t be it if you don’t see it. Hiding an important part of your life, or the core of who you are, is deeply painful, and it’s always likely to come out in some way or another. Stories help us.” 

Trans vicar.

Season One guest and transgender vicar, Sarah Jones says, “OUTcast is about being a positive influence, about being a little bit of light in potentially a bit of a dark place, and it’s about sharing humanity and good stories.” 

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