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Our friends at Unicorn Magazine have launched a fund to help queer creatives. Although the majority of the queer population is bi, no LGBTQ+ creative fund exists to address this group head on. That’s why Bi Pride UK’s Unicorn Magazine is launching the first bi focused creative fund for writers and artists.

Bi Pride UK launched Unicorn Magazine in early 2020, as the first digital bi-focused culture magazine as an act of protest and conversation to tackle the lack of representation of bi voices in LGBTQ+ publications (apart from OutNewsGlobal, obvs). Since then Unicorn magazine has covered stories from over 20 countries, been read by hundreds of thousands of readers around the world, and seen cover stars such as Joe Lycett and RuPaul’s Drag Race queens. 

Queer writers

Community has and will always be an integral part of Unicorn Magazine which is why the magazine is now launching a fund for anyone who wants to contribute writing or artwork to the group. Even though Unicorn Magazine has always been volunteer-run and written, the magazine has been trying to find ways to ensure queer writers and artists are paid for their time.

Lev Alexander, Founder & Creative Director, Unicorn Magazine, commented: “We started Unicorn as a protest, to show queer groups that bi stories exist and you should publish them! Now I’m pleased to say that bi stories are profitable too. I’m so proud of our volunteer, charity run, magazine that shows sexy and fun stories while giving back financially to queer creatives.”

Education and visibility

Rhammel Afflick, Trustee of Bi Pride UK, added, “Bi Pride UK are ecstatic to launch the Unicorn Fund. Our key charitable pillar is education and visibility, and our Unicorn Magazine provides an excellent global platform for this. We are looking forward to seeing the next evolution of the Magazine to an ethical source of payment for LGBTQ+ creatives.”

Writers and artists will be able to submit work that is judged by volunteer Editors at Unicorn Magazine. For each Issue, at least 15 Fund Applicants will be chosen to have their work published. Editors will be mindful of representation within the LGBTQ+ community and will therefore publish more than half of stories and artwork from creatives under the bi umbrella. However, the fund will be open to all, as queer communities need to uplift, empower, and stick together.

Submit your pitch

As Unicorn Magazine receives more charity funding, the Unicorn Fund will increase. Every penny raised goes back to creatives, as Unicorn Magazine has no staff, overheads, or administrative costs. 

Bi Pride UK’s Unicorn Magazine calls on writers and artists to visit to find out more about how the fund works and how to submit pitches to the volunteer team at Unicorn Magazine. 

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