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The LGBTQ+ owned provisions store and dining room launches Wales’s first queer beer supported by the Cardiff Lions, Wales’s first inclusive rugby team. The Glory Stores have worked to create a craft beer that could be recognised not only for its quality, but for standing out among the crowded beer cases as a true individual. 

Butch is set to provide visibility for queer people in and around beer, to build community, advocate for their rights and raise money for vital LGBTQ+ charities.

Designed to speak directly and authentically to diverse consumers, Butch is intended to pioneer change and inclusivity in the beer market. Honouring the rich heritage of the LGBTQ+ communities past while recognising the integrity of the communities present, Butch, celebrates the connections made through sharing a beer with the people you love.

Breweries support for the queer community is often limited to Pride month and spurred by profit not purpose. Butch will provide support all year round. Having supported leading LGBTQ+ charities such as Stonewall Cymru, Mind and Shelter Cymru, The Glory Stores will continue to do so, with 10% of all profits of Butch being donated. 

Shaun Houcke owner of The Glory Stores said, “A large part of our focus is visibility and representation. We want to remind people that everyone should feel free to enjoy the drink they prefer. There are stereotypes associated with those who drink beer and we are keen to tackle this stigma. Butch demonstrates that you don’t have to be ‘laddie’ to enjoy a beer, it is all the taste without the culture.”

Cardiff Lions chair, Gareth Waters, who supports the message of breaking down the stigma around beer drinking said, “Cardiff Lions is proud to support The Glory Stores launch of Butch. It is hardly breaking news, but rugby lad culture is still prevalent and as part of our mission as an inclusive rugby team we are working hard to challenge this. Our queer community should be allowed to enjoy any drink they want.

We look forward to enjoying a Butch, or two, as a team and challenging the stigma around the perceptions of those who drink beer!”

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Damian Kerlin

Damian Kerlin is a Cardiff based writer and journalist. As well as managing his own blog,, Damian has written for The Belfast Telegraph, Daddi Life, Gay BoyBible, Every Day Magazine, Gay Community News, Left Foot Forward and Adoption UK. In 2021 Damian was listed as a Rising Star as part of Wales Online Pinc List for his journalism and blogging on current affairs and rising issues affecting the LGBTQ+ community.

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