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“Can anyone recommend a good dry cleaner?”

Qantas Airways Chief Executive Alan Joyce received a custard pie to the face during a business breakfast event.

The head of Australia’s leading airline was giving a speech at an event in capital of Western Australia, Perth, when a smartly dressed man walked onto the stage and rubbed the custard pie in Joyce’s face before walking offstage calmly.

Seethe moment for yourself here.

Joyce, who often speaks about the importance of diversity in the workplace, seemed understandably shocked but managed to keep his composure. He told the audience he did not know why it had happened and left the stage, presumably to clean his pie-smeared face.

He told the press he hadn’t been able to tell what flavour pie had been used, and said:

“My issue is I need a good dry cleaner before I leave Perth, so if you have one, please recommend it to me.”
The custard-pie thrower’s motive is not clear, but he was apprehended by security guards.

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