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The former editor of Gay Times, died this week after suffering what was thought to be a heart attack.

The acclaimed writer first wrote for Spartacus and Jeremy, two of the UK’s first gay magazines, leading the way for many more gay publications to come.

Later he wrote for the well known paper Gay News, where he became literary editor, during his time there the editor was prosecuted for blasphemous libel in a campaign against the paper led by Mary Whitehouse.

He later joined Gay Times as literary and features editor until 2003.

Chris Graham-Bell, Chief Executive of Millivres Prowler Group who own GT and DIVA told “I am very sad to hear the news of the death of my old colleague Peter Burton.”

“I knew peter during his time with Gay News in the late 1970s and then he came to join Millivres Limited in 1984 where he eventually became one of the first Editors of Gay Times.”

His partner Ian predeceased him. He is survived by his sister Pamela.  He was born April 29 1945, and died November 7 2011.

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