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Ejel Khan, spokesperson for the Muslim LGBT Network, invites you to the association’s demo against LGBTQ hate crimes.

The event will start outside London’s famous gay bar, Admiral Duncan. The decision to gather in front of the long-standing Soho pub was made in memory of Andrea Dykes, John Light and Nik Moore who were murdered there in 1999.

The event will not only include the Muslim LGBT Network, but also other non-profit organisations such as: Stand Up To LGBTQ Hate Crime, Polish Rainbow in the UK, Queer Tours of London and Gay Liberation Front UK. People will be invited to march in order to make a stand against homophobic crimes, and everyone is welcome. The march will go through Leicester Square down to Trafalgar Square and will consist of speeches, songs, and performances.

The last march was attended by more than 100 people. “Being outside  parliament made an impact. So much so, I was invited to a demo outside the Polish embassy the week after,” Ejel Khan says.

For this next event, the marchers and organisers will pay tribute to Ian Baynham, who was murdered in a homophobic attack, 10 years ago this month.

This peaceful protest comes as a result of recent statistics, showing that there was a 150% increase in anti-LGBT hate crime in the UK between 2014 and 2018. Reports show that homophobic attacks all over the UK, including London, are on the rise. Because of this, two-thirds of LGBTQ+ people are wary of showing affection to their same-sex partners in public.

The march’s organisers also want to expose the fact that there have been protests against diversity in education outside schools in Birmingham. This phenomenon seems to be spreading.

This upcoming stand and march will take place on the 13th of September. Find more information about the event on its Facebook page.


Pictures: the Muslim LGBT Network

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