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Tuesday saw the Polish Parliament elect in its first female speaker who swore in its first openly gay member and seated its first transsexual legislator.

Both belong to the Palikot Movement, a Polish party, with progressive views including allowing same sex civil unions, implement flat taxes and overturn the ban on abortion, it is currently the third largest party in Government.

The Palikot Movement want to keep the Catholic Church out of politics in Poland.

New legislator Anna Grodzka, who was born Krysztof Begowski was greeted with applause upon her entry into the chamber, she said: “It is a symbolic moment, but we owe this symbolism not to me but to the people of Poland because they made their choice.”

She sat beside 35-year-old Robert Biedron, a gay rights activist, who is the first openly-gay member of the Sejm, Polish Parliament.

The new female speaker is Ewa Kopacz, who was previously the country’s health minister.

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