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There was OUTRAGE at the Palace this month when it was revealed that HM The Queen eats a banana with a knife and fork. A source says that she does not want to look like a common monkey by using her hands.

Monkeys around the globe are reportedly outraged. Madonna herself put down the large one she had in her mouth at the Harlem Globe Trotters match and to her horror, has been battered with the realisation that she has been doing it the wrong way all these years.

Of course, here at OutNews Global, we are all about etiquette and manners so want all to our readers to keep up with Her Majesty. Who better to advise us all but the conservative poster woman and our own agony aunt Vera Dundee who, if you haven’t been paying attention, is your go-to source for those all-important 3 Ms, Morals, Manners and Make up.

Just back with her cleaning lady from climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for charity, the WI superstar could not wait to show you all how to eat a banana the correct way so not to embarrass yourself next time you have fruit with The Queen. Or with Vera herself who, to be honest, is rather better bred. Find out first hand how to do it properly…and about what advice she hands out to out to Her Majesty.

Here ya go. Enjoy.

Make up and background assistance Sherrie Warwick. Direction Anne Marie Bickerton.

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