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There’s no doubting that lesbian visibility in the media is going in the right direction. There are more storylines involving women who love women in TV dramas and the UK boasts several out and proud lesbian personalities and celebrities. This can only be viewed as a positive, and much of the credit has to go to our friends at DIVA Magazine, founders of Lesbian Visibility Week.

However, while increased visibility is welcome, it still remains a huge struggle for lesbian storytellers – especially in film – to attract the backing to be able to tell their stories. The pandemic has not helped, with cash-strapped studios less likely to take risks with niche storylines, instead focusing on box office bankers…in other words, loud films for teenage boys.

This is just one of the reasons I am proud to announce OutNewsGlobal’s partnership with the inaugural Lesflicks Film Awards. We’re delighted to be able to contribute to highlighting and promoting the films, creators and distributors who are going above and beyond in amplifying lesbian stories on film.

“OutNewsGlobal is a really diverse and supportive news outlet and so it was an obvious choice for us.”

Naomi Bennett, Lesflicks

Lesflicks founder and CEO Naomi Bennett commented, “We’re delighted that OutNewsGlobal are joining us as our media partner and a silver sponsor of the Lesflicks Film Awards. The LFAs are about giving the audience a voice about the lesbian & bisexual films that they see and love. It is a chance to reward the cinemas, distributors, mainstream platforms, media and pr companies who are amplifying this important genre. 

“With so many quality films being made each year, but seldom getting much exposure – we decided that it was time to create a platform, and to celebrate those films that the audience loves. Whilst we know bigger films with celebrities will get nominated, we’re also excited to hear what smaller films the audience are seeing and to showcase the true breadth of content available. We want to thank those who support film and to encourage others to see there is an audience and it is worth talking about and distributing these films. OutNewsGlobal is a really diverse and supportive news outlet and so it was an obvious choice for us.”

The 2021 LFAs are a virtual event being held on 6th February. Keep checking back for information about the nominees which we’ll be covering extensively in OutNewsGlobal, and you can find out more on the LFA website here.

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