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“Tell Me I Love You” is out today.

Tell Me I Love You is a sexy, romantic comedy revolving around three young bandmates – straight, gay and fluid – living together as a musical tribe in a borrowed beach house in Malibu. As they work tirelessly to record their first album and catch a break in the cutthroat music industry something very unexpected happens…life altering true love. Who commits to whom, is the ultimate question.

Ally, Ben and Melanie are best friends, music graduates and bandmates living together in Malibu. With fame at their fingertips and a desperate need for cash to finish their album, the trio devise an outrageous plan to get married and inherit a large sum of money, all the while attempting to keep it a secret from their nosey extended family. To complicate things even more, an old flame is sparked and a new lover enters the scene, sending the trio on a journey of self discovery bound together by friendship.

An Ascent Media and Chelsea Pictures production, “Tell Me I Love You” was produced by Fiona Mackenzie and Bill Chamberlain, with cinematography by Carmen Cabana (High Fidelity/ Hulu)  and Yash Bhatt, editing by Tim Silano (Home Alone 2, Mrs. Doubtfire) and original music by Sascha Blank.

 “I’m thrilled that Tell Me I Love You is being released this summer through Vision Films. The story is a modern, coming-of-age romance set in the music industry in Los Angeles. During these extraordinary and challenging times, it was especially meaningful to be able to make a film about things that bring us all great happiness – family, love and lifelong friendships” says Fiona Mackenzie.

Watch the trailer. You know you want to.

“Tell Me I Love You” is an inspiring film about friendship and following your dreams with perfect doses of romance and comedy and great music,” comments Managing Director / CEO of Vision Films Lise Romanoff: 

Mackenzie, a prolific writer, director, producer, is a former television journalist for CNN, ABC and CBS. She currently has a variety of  projects in development at with Paramount, Netflix, PBS, and Sony, including her multi-cultural LGBT thriller Beautiful Lover, which was a finalist in the Outfest Screenwriting Lab, and is now being developed as a television series. 

Prior to becoming an independent filmmaker, Ms. Mackenzie was a development executive at Sony Pictures working on American History X (Oscar nominee) and held an In-House Producing deal at 20th Century Fox (The Black List, I-Robot). 

Her scripts and projects are often based on strong female protagonists and the complex world of characters she interviewed as an investigative journalist.



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