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After Luke Mckibben begged please “don’t call me Daddy!” 22-year-old George Alexander has his say on a word that’s fast becoming the most divisive term on the scene!

Gentlemen and ladies, I present to you the older gay: ‘Mature’, ‘Older’, ‘Daddy’. Words that seem to float around a lot these days within the gay community.

Honestly, is it just me or is the term ‘Daddy’ too over-used? A lot of young gay lads now want older men, but it seems that the age bracket for a so-called ‘Daddy’ is about 25.

I totally understand teenage pregnancy is big in the UK but c’mon now. You cannot be a ‘daddy’ at 25.

Youtuber George Alexander is 22 and confused…that’s what being 22 is about though, right?

Something else that gets me with this ‘Daddy’ fantasy is that the older men in the gay community who could be classed in this category, (let’s say 35-45) don’t even get a look in.

My friends would class them as far too old: “Old enough to be my grandad”. Well, maybe, if you’re 5…in which case get out of G-A-Y.

I don’t know about you, but when I think of the term ‘daddy’ or a mature gay guy, I picture a middle-aged hairy man called Dave who works in accountancy, wears pink ties, goes home, drinks beer and has a Labrador called ‘Sammy”.

Is the Grand High Clooney a ‘Daddy’? Or a ‘Grand-daddy’?

Okay that’s a ‘hetero’ stereotype…a heterotype…but that’s just my image of the older man. NOW, what I don’t see when I think of a mature daddy is a Zac Efron lookalike, buff with tattoos, 26, lives in a big house that his parents own and he only invites you around when they are away. Grindr profile reads “Masc, Top, looking for Gym buddy”, you know the one, right?

Would you call Zac Efron a ‘Daddy’? Would anyone even care what he’s called as long as he’s topless?

To me that guy isn’t a mature/daddy, he’s just a guy. I think with the rise of social media and the ever-growing ‘perfect guy’ on Instagram, society as a whole has become consumed with a particular ‘look’.

Let’s be honest, 9 times out of 10, the Zac Efron lookalike is a complete douche.

Whereas the likes of ‘Dave’ are genuine guys who just happen to be older. If you really are into the more mature man, then people like ‘Dave’ are your guy, but if you are more interested in ‘Zac Efron’ (which is also fine) just remember that guy isn’t your daddy, he’s more like your big brother. Weird if literal.

I for one cannot wait to become an older gay. It seems there is a lot less pressure at the end of the spectrum. 

They don’t care about how many likes they have. I feel most are a lot more grounded, but hey, time will tell. I was 22 this month so who knows maybe I’ll be classed as a ‘daddy’ now too?

Be kind to one another,

George, signing off


George Alexander is a Youtuber & TV/movie ‘social influencer’, check his funny videos here and subscribe!

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