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“I will freely admit that me and my new vagina have perhaps not mastered a marksman’s aim as of yet.”

Prior to my reassignment surgery, I had never harboured any notion of being Sportsperson Of The Year. But if suddenly being able to pee with great precision against your own leg/legs were to become an Olympic sport anytime soon then it would appear I have the potential to be a World Class athlete.

There remains the possibility that this deft little skill is but a temporary blip as things settle down but I do have nothing else to base my opinion on. My previous arrangement was just much simpler by comparison.

It was pointable, if you get my meaning. Something I had not often appreciated fully, now that I think on it. But the new arrangement is kind of interesting in itself.

Chrissy is getting used to her new body and it takes work!

The very first time I saw the surgeon I mostly had one simple but burning question? “Will I be able to pee normally?”. It seemed a reasonable enough thing to raise. Part of the operation involves shortening your urethra. So I had a niggling worry that a future coughing fit might lead to uncontrollable incontinence. The answer that my brain would fill in the blanks did not really serve to comfort me at all. Although it turns out that in piloting a new vagina, my body would at least meet me halfway.

It’s honestly about the same difference as before the op’. And my fears have largely evaporated as a result. Your brain mostly just tells you when it’s time to go and seems to provide you with a handy reminder before you unintentionally disgrace yourself.

I will freely admit that me and my new vagina have perhaps not mastered a marksman’s aim as of yet though.

But we have every direction possible covered so far. I had no idea it would turn out so be versatile, up down and all around have been the order of the day. Shares in throwaway wipes must be booming.

Chrissy says she’s on a challenging but exciting learning curve

And yet, I’m not distressed at all. The complicated alchemy that has turned lead into gold was never going to be without some difficulties. Whatever my expectations were, they are now just to be managed.

More than anything else, I really think it’s going to be a sense of humour that’s ultimately going to see me through the months ahead.

A steep learning curve does lie in front of me though. But I look forward to every little educational step on that journey. And if I am going to share the triumphant moments here then it’s only fair that I’m also open with you whenever it’s monumentally rubbish. Which, as it happens, is quite a bit initially. Although if we were to be betting on leg versus bowl, it would currently offer significantly better odds than roulette for example. Every cloud Ladies and Gentlemen, every cloud!

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