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policeline25-year-old Ashley Biggs was found beaten and strangled to death in Akron, Ohio, after being lured to a secluded business and strangled to death. Her ex-boyfriend, Chad Cobb, 30, is being held at the Akron Summit County Jail on a charge of aggravated murder and kidnapping, according to the Akron Beacon Journal.

Biggs had been dating a woman for the last three years, and had recently gained custody of her 6-year old daughter, both of which had reportedly enraged Cobb.

Local LGBT activists say that Biggs’ sexuality was an issue for Cobb.

Brittany Dunson, Brigg’s partner, told Fox8 that a part of her has died. “She was my girlfriend. We were looking at rings, we were about to be engaged, she was my everything, my life.”

Dunson told Fox8 that Biggs had a protection order against Cobb, who had pled guilty to domestic violence in 2005. “In a way, I knew it,” Dunson said. “We’ve been so precautious of it. I knew she’s always had that fear it would come to this.”

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