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Last Thursday, I had the pleasure to attend Cabaret Sauvignon, a phenomenal show from none other than Miss Burlesque UK finalist and talented drag queen, Dolly Trolley.

Cabaret Sauvignon doesn’t only have a French wine inspired name, it has a French-inspired essence: freeing, elegant nudity, epicurean burlesque, and a very avant-garde style. But that wasn’t the best part. Cabaret Sauvignon features one of the most diverse casts I have seen in a show.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a drag king perform, as drag kings tend to not receive as much attention as their drag queen colleagues. Mark Anthony, took over the stage twice, and let me tell you that his lip-synchs to Elvis and Enrique Iglesias made us all scream.

The rest of Cabaret Sauvignon’s cast was just as talented. Miss Oopsie Ooohh, a hula hoop performer, took our breath away with her circus-inspired act. I had a hard time processing how in the world anybody could take off their stocking so elegantly while juggling with a hula on the tip of their toes.

Photo: Cynthia Seaward performing

Donna Divine, a neo-burlesque dancer, blessed us with some  impressive sensual moves, and Frankly Desire, this year’s Pride’s Got Talent Cabaret winner, made us all reflect on the LGBTQ+ rights movement with their awe-inspiring performance.

I was so happy to see Cynthia Seaward, who I have had to pleasure to see perform many times before, but it was the first time I have heard her sing. Cynthia never fails to impress and make us all laugh.

And of course, Cabaret Sauvignon’s creator, Dolly Trolley, was not only a gracious. entertaining and a comical host, she was an amazing performer. Dolly is a professional who knows how to deliver clever acts and fill the room with her charming presence. It is safe to say, that I would strongly recommend anyone to attend Dolly’s Cabaret Sauvignon show.

Keep track of Dolly Trolley’s social media for future events.

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