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If you’re one of our north American readers (hello America! hello Canada) you might be thinking of a weekend getaway. Deciding on a destination to go can be an overwhelming process, which finds many people with many options but with no specific goal. You don’t need to be spending your weekends indoors anymore. Despite some of the places getting affected by the pandemic, they are worth looking at. It is essential to check on the restrictions before embarking on the trip. Here is the list.

New York City

New York City remains one of the getaways that everyone has stuffed in their bucket list. It is one of the great destinations you can visit on the weekend and immensely enjoy your short stay. There are many ways you can use to reach New York City, depending on where you are. You can use the train, road, or plane and enjoy your stay before returning for your daily weekday duties. Travel gurus over at recommend booking your travel and accommodation early to avoid inconveniences during your trip. New York City offers unlimited indoor and outdoor attractions for singles, couples, and even family getaways. While here, don’t forget to taste the fantastic food and visit some of the best islands in the world, including Ellis Island.


If you haven’t visited Chicago yet, then this is the right time to do so, on the weekend. Chicago is one of the most incredible weekend vacation spots with iconic eats, iconic sights, and diverse neighborhoods to enable you to enjoy life. If visiting in summer, there are iconic beaches, including Lake Michigan’s beach, where you can go and refresh, releasing all the weekday stresses. Other places you can visit include Millennium’s park, Art Institute of Chicago, and others to enjoy your vacation. The rates here are fantastic, and the area even accommodates travel on a budget.

San Diego

San Diego is among the destinations you can visit and wish to stay there forever. The place has many attractions and things to enjoy, making it a favorite travel destination for many people. When in San Diego, you can visit Mission Beach, Coronado Beach, or other breathtaking shorelines that will make your weekend enjoyable. If you love nature and history, there is San Diego Zoo and the Maritime Museum to visit. You can also go to Balboa Park or hike the trails at Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve. There are many more other places you can stay in San Diego. 


If you have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to relax, then the perfect destination you can visit is Miami, Florida. Here, you will soak in the sun, enjoy the diverse cultures, and get entertained to the brim. There is mouthwatering food, including Cuban Sandwiches and other delicacies, which will make your visit extraordinary. In the evenings, you can stroll down to Miami Beach and enjoy the beach life before getting down to the fantastic nightlife in this Florida City. There is more you can do on a single weekend. The rates are affordable, too, making the place a regular-to-visit destination.

Charleston, SC

Charleston is among the best towns to host you when you want to visit the South Carolina Area. The place has the best Spanish accommodations with gas-lit streets, which will make your stay worth remembering. What are the things to do here? You can stroll on the roads, on the water at the Battery, or take some incredible photos at Rainbow Rows Homes during the daytime. You can also visit the vibrant Charleston Market and taste some of the best cuisines ever done. If you love having your weekend in water, you can hire a boat and wade to Sullivan’s Island.


In your bucket list, do not forget to include Montreal as a must-visit weekend destination. Why is it so? This place in Canadian City is among the best travel destinations, with the best eateries and boutiques to visit. On a good day, you can do picnics at Mount Royal Park, do some hikes or engage in some bike riding. What’s more? There is snow snowshoeing, ice skating, and many more activities that will fit your taste. Make some early booking to visit this place since it’s among the getaways which get massive traffic from all over the world.

New Orleans

Before tiring traveling, ensure you have reached New Orleans. This is the perfect weekend destination that everyone is proud of visiting. There are endless fun activities and places to visit in New Orleans. You can see the National WWII Museum or even have a walk at New Orleans City Park. The area has some of the fantastic food you have ever tasted and unique, enjoyable nightlife.  

There are hundreds of weekend getaway destinations to visit. The above are only a few, but the best as voted by the regular weekend travelers. To ensure you don’t get disappointed on these trips, choose a reliable travel agent and make your bookings early. 

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