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NTebbitProminent Conservative politician Norman Tebbit has criticised the Prime Minister’s support of gay marriage.

In his blog for The Telegraph, Lord Tebbit spoke against David Cameron’s focus on gay rights, writing, “I still do not know where, apart from to a Big Society gay wedding in Westminster Abbey, the Prime Minister really wants to go”.

In a previous blog post, the former MP for Chingford wrote: “David Cameron has the brains to turn the tables… But he has to inspire the electors to believe he would make a difference not over the trivialities of dress sense or political asylum for African homosexuals”.

In a recent interview with the New Statesman, Tebbit further revealed just how rigid his anti-gay views are.

The New Statesman reported that he is against having a gay home secretary and quoted him as saying, “The Home Office is responsible for laws affecting society  -the adoption of children and the strengthening of the family. It is better not in the care of someone who doesn’t feel for these issues”.

Tebbit also complained about the number of gay people in government, saying, “If you accept that the male homosexual population is 2 per cent, it does seem a bit over quota”.

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