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Between lockdown and social distancing it’s been a tough year for singletons or those that don’t live with their partners across the UK.

Even with lockdown restrictions being eased, finding and having some fun between the sheets with a partner is harder than ever. Especially now that the latest advice from a number of sources including the Terrence Higgins Trust and Canada’s Chief Public Health Office is to avoid kissing and wear a face covering to minimise the risk of the spreading COVID-19 while having sex.

This is why sexual wellness brand, LELO UK has come together with its sex expert Kate Moyle to reveal their top tips for making wearing a protective face mask in the bedroom as sexy as possible

Set the mood

Kate Moyle advises, “If you are finding needing to incorporate a mask into your routine is distracting then try and change your environment to take away from that. Dim the lights, or light candles or put on music introducing more sensual cues will also help you to relax and be more in the moment, which is the opposite of what distraction does.” Adding an eye mask or blindfold too, can completely help you get into the moment. 

Have fun with the mask

From choosing a mask that brings out the colour of your eyes, to incorporating it into role play there are many ways to have fun with the mask as Kate Moyle explains: “You can use the mask playfully as a part of a theme, outfit or character play and this can incorporate it into the sexual experience rather than it being the standout feature. Kate continues, “Incorporating it into an outfit/role play can make it feel like a funner and more playful way of introducing it into the bedroom space.”

Tease and build anticipation

“Anticipation is the most natural aphrodisiac that we have and so building that up will increase desire and arousal. Spend time focusing on the areas of the areas of the body that you wouldn’t usually during sex which can help you to explore erogenous zones and take your attention elsewhere,” adds Kate.

Try different positions

“To achieve kissing-free sex you may find it easier to have sex in positions like the reverse cowgirl, or doggy style where your faces aren’t close together, and you aren’t directly looking at each other so it takes away the attention drawn to the mask,” continues Kate. 

Go tantric

This could be the perfect opportunity to dip your toe into the world of tantric sex. Kate comments:  “Try connecting in other ways such as synchronised breathing, or touch and play that is with your eyes closed and lead-by the sensation of touch. The basics of tantric sex are about connection which can be done through breathing and eye contact.”

Utilise sensory props

Introducing a mask into the bedroom is the perfect time to also bring in other sensory props because you can’t use your lips – from feathers and toys to sensual massage as Kate explains: “Novelty is an important factor of sex lives, and use this as an opportunity to get creative and work around the mask. Texture, pressure, speed and temperature are all ways that you can mix it up and explore together. Sex toys such as vibrators can be used all over the body, and for teasing the thighs, and running up and down the spine rather than just focusing on the genitals.”

Add some viewing or listening pleasure 

“You can also use prompts like audio erotica or watching porn together can help to boost your imagination, desire and arousal by adding a different type of sexual stimulation,” continues Kate.

We all need to look after our sexual, general and mental health in the bedroom especially with a new partner as Kate urges: “Whenever having sex with a new partner, making sure that you are conscious of your sexual health is always important, so having sex with consent, protecting against risk of STI’s and unwanted pregnancy are all paramount to sexual wellbeing.” 

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