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equalityThe Equality and Human Rights Commission has scrapped plans to make allowances for Christian employees who refuse to serve or assist gay people on the basis of their beliefs.

Following the announcement made a few weeks ago, that stated that religious people should be able to deny service to those who lived out with their belief system, Angela Mason told that the EHRC “had come to a ‘preliminary view’ on the matter.”

Gay rights campaigner, Peter Tatchell also told Pink News: ““This looks like a welcome climb down, but we need to have it confirmed by the head of the EHRC, Trevor Phillips. We should not assume anything until we get an official announcement.

“It is outrageous that the body in charge of promoting equality was prepared to compromise equal rights in order to appease religious homophobes. Allowing religious fundamentalists exemption from the laws against discrimination would have set a dangerous precedent.”

The EHRC are said to be discussing the matter next week, after giving no comment.


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