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We know it’s a bit of a cliché to suggest that we LGBTQ+ folk are infinitely more stylish than our heterosexual friends but, let’s face it, we kinda know it’s true, don’t we? And if further proof were needed, our friends at Nasty Gal in the good ole US of A have been beavering away to come up with this list of America’s leading LGBTQ+ style icons.

Stat boffins at Nasty Gal looked at Instagram followers, engagement rates and potential earnings per Insta post, plus the number of times each star was searched for on Google.

5: Billy Porter

Instagram followers: 2,220,777

Instagram engagement rate: 0.31%

Average estimated Instagram post earnings: £4,458

Google search volume: 246,000

LGBTQ+ icon and actor Billy Porter has been one of the driving forces for genderless fashion. Regularly rocking the red carpet wearing ball gowns, skirts, and of the course, his iconic tuxedo dress. He’s a true fashionista both on and off the screen, with his leading role in Pose showcasing the fashion influences of the 1980’s ballroom scene. 

4. Janelle Monáe

Instagram followers: 4,048,932

Instagram engagement rate: 2.27%

Average estimated Instagram post earnings: £8,128

Google search volume: 246,000

Known for styling black and white ensembles with a pop of colour (usually a statement red lip), singer, actor and all-round Renaissance woman Janelle Monáe demonstrates how daring you can be with a simple colour palette, making monochrome her statement style (apart from in this image, obvs, which is yellow!)

3. Sarah Paulson

Instagram followers: 3,990,079

Instagram engagement rate: 2.47%

Average estimated Instagram post earnings: £8,011

Google search volume: 673,000

Currently starring in American Crime Story: Impeachment (BBC iPlayer) Sarah Paulson is known for her ability to transform into any character, and she brings this magic into her personal style. Mixing vintage Hollywood glamour with effortlessly chic daytime ensembles, she’s one of the few stars who can truly pull off any look.

2. Bretman Rock

Instagram followers: 17,946,377

Instagram engagement rate: 6.72%

Average estimated Instagram post earnings: £36,032 (crikey!)

Google search volume: 450,000

Beauty Guru Bretman Rock came second in this study of the biggest LGBTQ+ style icons of 2021, with the highest number of Instagram followers (17.9 million) and the highest potential Instagram earnings. The style chameleon is no stranger to funky prints, bodycon dresses and extravagant suits. 

And the winner is…Lil Nas X

Instagram followers: 11,839,452

Instagram engagement rate: 12.24%

Average estimated Instagram post earnings: £23,764

Google search volume: 4,090,000

No surprise here! Known for his use of bold colours, daring twists on classic styles, and self-expression through genderless clothing, Lil Nas X’s style is walking art. There were over 4 million Google searches for the star this year, showing his ability to leave a lasting impression and fans wanting more.

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