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A new lesbian film production company has been launched and it has a point to prove.

Winters and Archer Productions aims to create a trusted community of women intent on bringing the very best of lesbian fiction to the big screen.

Lesbian fiction author, Kiki Archer has teamed up with author and entrepreneur, Jade Winters to form the company after recognising the struggle many LGBT+ films have to get made.

It comes after concern that distributors are rejecting the movie The Dark Mile because it has two lesbian leads.

The dark thriller is struggling to find its audience despite positive reviews and one of its stars, Deidre Mullins winning the Best Actress award at the Scottish Baftas last weekend.

The Dark Mile, starring Deidre Mullins and Rebecca Calder is struggling to find a distributor

Archer and Winters secured a private investment for their new production company and the duo say they’re ready to start looking at new projects immediately, having both worked independently for a couple of years on script-to-screen projects.

Kiki says it’s like a dream come true: “It’s been almost three years since my But She Is My Student script was completed – obviously it’s never completely completed, but I’ve been working with producers and directors for a couple of years now and yes, there’s been interest.

“But the stumbling block has always been funding. Traditional production companies are very reticent to invest in LGBT feature films believing the market’s too narrow. Well, we’re going to show them it’s not!”

Fellow author, Jade Winters has been looking to get into film making for a while. She said: “Kiki’s a perfect match for me. We both have the drive and enthusiasm for lesbian fiction to make this project work. We chose to start with Kiki’s But She Is My Student screenplay because it’s a popular book that has already reached a broad audience and should resonate well with viewers. I hope the LGBT community will be as excited about this project as we are.”

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