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Lesflicks VOD continues its strong growth and further establishes itself as the go-to platform for lesbian and bisexual film across the world with the release of Forever Not Maybe on 12 November 2020.

Sasha Austin (Mandahla Rose), a stagehand climbing to the top of the lighting industry in LA and Elisabeth Anelare (Marie-Pier Gibeault), a touring concert pianist from Corsica, France take on the difficult challenge of balancing love and career. They want it all, but tensions arise long distance when neither are able to compromise their up-and-coming success to be together.

Forever Not Maybe is acclaimed writer-director Christie Conochalla’s first feature-length film. Christie knew from a young age that she wanted to create stories that would move people, and having specialised in creating dramatic short films – such as August in the City, HOME, and Once Upon a Zipper, both available on Lesflicks – she has been doing just that! In fact, Once Upon a Zipper has been in Lesflicks’ top 10 viewed films for many weeks now alongside features such as I Can’t Think Straight and More Beautiful for Having Been Broken.

Christie Conochalla, Writer & Director said: “Having started the process of making this film in 2015, it is such a wonderful feeling to finally be bringing it to the audience it was meant for. I am so proud of my team and this film and I am so excited to finally be setting it free.”

The long distance romantic drama will be the eighteenth feature to be added to the Lesflicks VOD platform since its creation in 2019. With this rapid growth, Lesflicks VOD is currently ranked within the top 5 LGBT SVOD platforms in regard to the amount of lesbian and bisexual content available to rent, stream, and watch online. With each addition to the platform Lesflicks continues to strive toward increasing the knowledge of, and access to, wlw content worldwide.

Naomi Bennett, CEO & Founder of Lesflicks said: “Given we’re all volunteers, and still relatively young as a platform, I’m so proud of all the films we have on our platform, and the growth of Lesflicks since its inception in March 2019. Forever Not Maybe is the latest title bringing our collection up to 18 feature films, 55 short films and 7 web series in only 1 year! 

“Our community focus, social purpose and strong branding is proving popular with filmmakers, distributors and audiences. We’ve got even more planned too, as the subscribers grow, so will we!”

Forever Not Maybe will be available to rent from Thursday 12 November, and as part of the subscription on Lesflicks VOD from Friday 20 November.

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[Links will be live from 12 and 20 November respectively]

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