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My name is Killpussy and I am a session wrestler.

I have always been big and strong so using those assets for a job is just something that happened naturally. I started session wresting over 15 years ago and I love it. For those that don’t know it is people (mostly men) who hire you to have a fun kind of play fight. I am highly trained, lift weights and have to work hard at maintaining my strength, however most people do not want to win because it is more a form of physical domination. Now don’t get me wrong a few guys really want to wrestle and if they have training and are respectful then that’s okay too.


We play fight when we are kids but as we grow up we forget that playing is a vital part of our happiness. Obviously there is a sexual element and there are boxes being ticked but I do not offer any nudity or sexual services. Mainly it isn’t about getting off in a conventional way; it’s much more subverted than that and it’s all about being overpowered.

I guess the best thing about it is that I never knew being big and strong was such a big deal for a lot of people. I just thought it was more a very specialised fetish. What wrestling has opened up for me is how many people love big strong women like me. This is empowering because it is being appreciated for what you naturally are. My confidence has really improved so I don’t feel I have to wear baggy clothes anymore to hide myself. This might sound like a little thing but it’s a huge thing for me.


I am 5’10’, 85kg, biceps 15”, thighs 27”, bust 40”, waist 32” and hips 42” so I really am a big strong woman. I can lift big weights and do a lot of strength endurance training. I have just started running again and I suck at it! But it is something I must do as it helps to as it is what is needed to make me a better wrestler.

Mine is not your average job – that’s for sure – and explaining it to potential partners is a bit of a minefield as it is hard to get your head around when you are not kinky. But hey it is just what I do…I do a lot of other things as well: art, writing, activism and waitressing to make ends meet. Would I change it? Not on your life and I have had to separate from partners who do not approve. After all, what has it got to do with them? It is my life and it is my body.


If you wanted to try it you should get in touch with the submission room and speak to them there. You need to have had some kind of training but any kind of martial arts/sports/dance/gym or circus training is great. Basically you need to like doing physical things and need to have a fairly good level of fitness to start. It isn’t for everyone but for those of us it is for you are being paid to work out….


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