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neighboursNeighbours executive producer Susan Bower sais she was “proud” of the show’s handling of its first ever male gay kiss.

This week the long-running soap aired a passionate kiss between characters Chris Pappas and Adan Foster in Australia.

Ms Bower told the Herald Sun newspaper that she wanted to treat the kiss like any other on the show. “It’s not sensationalist or token- we are very proud of the way we have done this” she added.

In 2004 a kiss between characters Sky Mangel and Lana Crawford invoked criticism from fans, but last night’s episode has been met only with praise across social networking sites.

Bob Morley, who plays Adan Foster said that he and James Mason, who plays Chris Pappas “put a lot of time and effort into getting the physicality” between their characters right, so that they don’t “come across as two straight guys pretending to be gay”.

The scenes will be aired in the UK in May

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