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While in London supporting fellow Czech and new Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova, Martina Navratilova found time to give her voice to an anti-homophobia campaign.



On Friday she visited Downing Street to pledge support for a campaign to rid sport of homophobia and transphobia. She signed the charter, which signifies a promise to challenge any count of anti LGBT abuse in the realm of sport. Over 1300 individuals, 15 national governing bodies as well as numerous individual clubs have already signed the charter.  

David Cameron spearheads the campaign saying “I think it’s great that here in No 10 we have got representatives of the governing bodies of almost every single sport you can think of, signing the charter saying it’s time to put an end to homophobia”

“There are a huge number of sports personalities who have not felt able to come out. We should be doing far more to make them comfortable to do that.

“Young people look to role models, and until we have enough positive role models, it won’t change.”

Theresa May, Home Secretary, lent her support adding, “There is no room for hate of any kind, anywhere in sport”

“But too many lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people feel that the sports field is not somewhere they can be themselves, and that prejudice and discrimination will mean their sexuality is always talked about more than their ability with a ball, bat or racket.”

“Sport should be about what you can do, not who you are. I want to see anybody and everybody who loves sport sign the Charter for Action and commit to kicking homophobia and transphobia out of sport for good.”

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