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The account’s latest Twitter feud saw them strike out at the Stonewall Top 100 Employers list.


It appears that Britain is in the grip of an epidemic. An epidemic of hate. Barely a day passes without a media outlet informing us about the wave of criminal bigotry that is sweeping through the country, especially via social media.

Now, Linda Riley, one of the leading campaigners for LGBT equality has made a stand and reported these hate crimes to Twitter.

She took offence at the daily scathing comments from Twitter accounts called @narrowwaychurch and @dnarrowwaychurch, one of the same. Unfortunately, this is one of many homophobic accounts that over the past 18 months has constantly trolled the LGBT community.

“18.2 thousand homophobic tweets over 18 months. Twitter need to act faster to close these accounts,” she said.

Ms Riley launched the #no2LGBTHate Thunderclap campaign which has gained support from organisations and individuals, including Stonewall, UK Black Pride, Lord Cashman, the Peter Tatchell Foundation, Diversity Role Models, Wes Streeting MP (North Ilford), the Women’s Equality Party and Paralympian Claire Harvey.

The #no2LGBTHate campaign calls for the global LGBTQ community and their allies to sign up to the campaign which culminates in a social media message sent on Wednesday 1st February 2017 at 4pm GMT, 11am EST across the Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr accounts of everyone who has joined, with the message:

We need Twitter to silence LGBT hate. Homophobia, biphobia and transphobia have no place online #no2LGBTHate  

Tonight, Twitter finally took notice and suspended @narrowwaychurch .


Despite reporting @narrowwaychurch by countless people who have been mercilessly targeted and attacked, for either being LGBT or supporting LGBT, it was allowed to continue.


Twitter didn’t act.

Just how long will it be before it shuts down other accounts that engage in online homophobic abuse and hate speech?

Does freedom of speech mean that anyone can easily set up hate fuelled content without being held to account?!


OutNews Global has contacted Twitter for comment.

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