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‘Rise Up’ inspires social activism.

Nestling themes of LGBTQ, race, and gender equality inside bubblegum-pop productions, New York City based out artist Jessie Standafer is making social activism trendy with her debut EP album, Rise Up.

Although its message is deeply socially poignant, Jessie has created an album with an unabashedly joyful tone. In the title track “Rise Up,” powerful protest-chant rhythms are balanced with resplendent melodies.

Jessie turns the pain and rejection of coming out as a lesbian in an ultra conservative Christian family on its head in “Get Down” using exuberant dance rhythms and electro-pop sparkle.

In lesser hands, these themes might spiral into the abyss of heaviness, but with Jessie, Love always wins and there is always a reason to celebrate.

Jessie says, “I strive to be a bridge between the hopeful dreams of peace from the ‘60’s and the current millennial wave of protest and activism.”

Rise Up comes off as fiercely optimistic—the empowered work of a woman who plays by her own rules with an audible smile, sexy grooves, and dazzling pop production.

Rise Up is available for purchase on iTunes.

Watch the video for Get Down here!

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