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Did you know most guitars are not female-friendly? Neither did we until Annie Clark (aka St. Vincent) introduced the signature guitar she designed for Ernie Ball Music Man.

The guitar, which weighs just seven pounds, is made to accommodate a smaller frame, and was designed by Annie herself. According to a post on Instagram, she was going for a design that was “ergonomic, lightweight, and sleek” and that had “room for a breast. Or two.”

The Texas-born singer, and rumoured girlfriend of Cara Delevingne, had free reign to tackle all the issues she’s had with guitars over the years.

In an interview with Guitar World, the 33-year-old said: “For me a guitar that is not too heavy is really important because I’m not a very big person.”

She added: “I’m glad that another guitar exists that is sympathetic to the female form. I’m glad that that exists and I hope that people will enjoy…that men and women will enjoy the ergonomics. But smaller people and women especially.”

Women have expressed their support for the guitar on Clark’s Instagram with comments such as: “Love it! A guitar for women because it actually considers our anatomy – not because it’s pink or has daisies on it. Yay!!”

Clark is one of the few women to release her own signature guitar with Ernie Ball Music Man, following in the footsteps of women like Joan Jett.

Musicians Albert Lee, John Petrucci and Steve Morse have made their own versions in the past.

The model, which can be bought in both black or ‘Vincent’ blue, is not the first that’s been created with a woman’s body in mind. Joan Jett, from The Runaways, also experimented with making her own guitar, she made her a lightweight guitar with Gibson early on in her career.

The St Vincent Signature Ernie Ball MusicMan guitar will be available to buy from March.

Cara Delevingne and St Vincent

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