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Munroe Bergdorf hits back at Piers Morgan after Twitter race row

Model and trans activist Munroe Bergdorf has hit back at Piers Morgan after comments he made over Twitter.

The row began yesterday evening after Morgan posted a Tweet sharing his new column for The Daily Mail:

After posting the controversial Tweet, Morgan received a wave of negative comments including those from Bergdorf who said she was reading Morgan’s tweets “in disgust”.

The following video of Bergdorf was also shared in response to Morgan’s column:

Bergdorf then retweeted a post by singer Lily Allen which read simply: “#blockpiersmorgan”.

In response Morgan, who has in the past made offensive remarks about non-binary people, then wrote in a Tweet: “Please do, you insufferable creature.”

To which Bergdorf responded: “You are in literally no position to be calling ANYONE a creature Piers…”

Bergdorf was interviewed by Morgan and his Good Morning Britain colleague Susanna Reid on the breakfast show earlier this month.

The interview took place just days after L’Oreal ended their partnership with the model due to comments she had made in a Facebook post in response to the violence in Charlottesville, America. The move resulted in the #IStandWithMunroe hashtag trending on Twitter.

Bergdorf explained in the GMB interview: “I don’t think that all white people are by nature racist.

“From conception to birth I think that we are all the same, but we need to speak about how we are socialised as people, and my post was based on socialisation and racism as a structure.”

Since being dropped by L’Oreal, Bergdorf has been taken on by British beauty company Illamasqua.

Speaking at the inaugural Diversity in Media Awards last weekend, Bergdorf told DIVA magazine that she was “super excited” about her new campaign with Illamasqua:

“The last few weeks have been a bit crazy. So I’m excited about getting out to events and using my voice and platform to elevate other voices, of trans women of colour especially because we’re woefully underrepresented.”

Rain Dove, a model and colleague of Bergdorf’s for Illamasqua, said on finding out that the pair would be working together:

“When I first went in to do the campaign shoot, I didn’t know that I’d be working with Munroe.

“The minute that I saw, I was like I better sit down and shut up real quick and listen to what this person has to say and educate myself because I know that there’s going to be a lot of press based around this and we need to be able to support each other.

“Diversity comes on many levels and I think people need to listen with their ears and not their mouths and unfortunately that’s what happens.”

Tweets have continued to come through today with one of the latest by Bergdorf reading:

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