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It has been great to be able to start getting back into work now lockdown has been eased and it’s been amazing how many of my clients have wanted not just their homes blitzed (mainly because of young children being kept in a lot more than usual) but their wardrobes reorganising.

Wardrobes are the key to starting your day as you wear what you feel for that day or what is appropriate for what you will be doing. I personally think a well organised wardrobe with everything display in colour order is not only is pleasing on the eye but also your mood can depend on the colour you wear. 

Hanging your garments in colour order as well as having your shoes arranged, accessories displayed and underwear in storage boxes also gives your dressing area that boutique feel.

To achieve this simply and effectively is not expensive. I always recommend good hangers and Amazon do fantastic velvet effect hangers in a variety of colours to match your room (if you have a walk in wardrobe). Fifty hangers are priced at £20.29 with next day delivery. Storage boxes can be purchased from all good home stores which works out a lot cheaper than IKEA too. 

I always find that organising a wardrobe also serves as a detox where you finally get to throw away items you no longer need, like or fit properly to make way for new items. You will also find your life so much easier where you know exactly where everything is! 

For all wardrobe reorganising or any other domestic house duties, please enquire at @lhrinteriordesign.

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