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It probably won’t come as a surprise to you to learn that we get sent dozens of music tracks every week. Often these come from record companies, management companies or artists’ agents and, occasionally, from a reader who thinks they’ve found something we’ll like.

We do our best to listen to as many as we can but we cannot feature them all. But occasionally we’ll come across something so new and exciting that we’d be failing in our duty to our readers not to share it.

Wisdom Teeth (Pressure) is the debut single from London-based singer-songwriter Phoebe ∆X∆ (pronounced Axa, which we think is quite cool).

Back when we were young, sometime in the last century, with no satellite telly, no mobile phones and no internet, the always-on world of Snapchat, Instagram and Love Island simply didn’t exist. 

These days, people – and girls and young women in particular – seem to be under constant pressure to say the right things and to look Kardashian-perfect at all times. One wrong move and your slip-up lives in cyberspace forever.

Wisdom Teeth (Pressure) encapsulates this aspect of modern life in three and a half tightly-written, punchy minutes – a little reminiscent of the unmistakeable London sound of Lily Allen in her pomp but, it has to be said, rather more relevant in the 2020s. We love it.

∆X∆, who appeared on BBC Music’s Hot List last year, is a special talent. Our prediction…she will go far.

Watch Wisdom Teeth (Pressure) here:

Download or stream from your favourite platform by clicking here.

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