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This week saw the reopening of the motor industry. Great news for the motor industry and for those of us looking to buy a new car, but the process of buying and selling cars is now a totally different ball game.

Our friends at Carwise UK have had to implement strict distancing measures before reopening their showroom to the general public: appointment-only viewings, allowing only two people at a time enter the showroom, no accompanied test drives a no contact between staff and customers when showing a car. 

If a car isn’t bought after a test drive, it has to be sanitised straight away including door handles, steering wheel, gear lever, handbrake, radio controls and seatbelts.

Offering contact free delivery has also been introduced and many customers have taken full advantage of this service.

Buying vehicles too has massively changed as car auctions are not yet open, so everything is going online which is not quite the same as being able to view a vehicle in real life.

It has been sad to hear how many jobs have been lost in the motor industry and the pause in manufacture of many popular car brands such as Volkswagen, Peugeot, Citroen and Ford. The motor industry in Britain contributes hugely to our economy and will be needed more than ever in a post Covid, post Brexit world.

One important factor for motorists who own diesel vehicles is that, for ten weeks, your car is likely have been more stationary than moving. Taking into account how a diesel particulate filter (DPF) works, this may cause problems because there has been no opportunity to burn off the soot that accumulates in the filters. You should therefore avoid journeys of 15 miles or less to avoid clogging the DPF on your car. When opportunities arise for you to drive your car far and fast enough to burn off the soot in the filter, be vigilant when doing so. 

It is also important to sanitise your hands when refuelling your car. Try to also use contactless payment.

If you wish to book any appointment to view or to sell your car please contact Carwise UK at or 

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