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russiagaygagRussian authorities in Moscow have banned gay pride events for the next hundred years.

The Tverskoy District Court ruled to uphold the decision of Moscow authorities to ban gay pride parades in the city until May 2112, after gay activist Nikolay Alekseev submitted requests for gay pride parades until 2112.

Moscow City Hall has banned gay events for the past seven years, a move which the European Court of Human Rights pronounced illegal in October 2010.

Gay rights groups worldwide have condemned the ban. UK organisation Stonewall told Gay Star News:

‘It’s a matter of grave concern that Moscow’s municipal government has again marginalized the city’s gay community,’ said Stonewall international officer Jasmine O’Connor.

‘It’s another sign of the dire situation for Russia’s 8.5 million lesbian, gay and bisexual people, whose human rights are routinely abused by the government and police.

‘We’ll continue to press the British government to do all it can to confront homophobic human rights abuses worldwide.’

In May, gay right activist, Alekseev, became the first person to be arrested and fined 5000 rubles (around £100) under the St Petersburg ‘gay propaganda’ law.

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