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heatherandnayaHit US show Glee’s Santana and Brittany, played by Naya Rivera and Heather Morris, are allegedly set to indulge in further girl-on-girl action. This time, the rumours say, Santana will be licking salt off Brittany…

The two have been shown kissing earlier in the E4 series, but things are about to get steamier as Santana licks salt off of fellow cheerleader Brittany’s stomach in a forthcoming episode.

The ditsy Brittany, whose lines include the classic, “Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?”, has a reputation for sleeping with most of the men at school. She has yet to enter into a relationship with Santana. But the pair can’t seem to keep their hands, or tongues, off each other.

The action takes place at an alcohol-fuelled party held by fellow Gleek, Rachel. The two cheerleaders hit the tequila shots, when Santana licks salt off Brittany’s stomach.

Brittany also strips down to her underwear and shows off some raunchy dance moves, and things get even hotter with a game of spin the bottle.

The episode has already been shown in the U.S. and will air over here on E4 later this year.

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