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irelandA Free Presbyterian Church Minister who arranged a protest at Belfast Pride on Saturday has stood by his actions, calling the parade “a very unpleasant experience”.

Rev. David McIlveen, of Sandown Free Presbyterian Church, called together a crowd of protesters where the parade route hit Waring Street and North Street.

He slammed the event saying, “I certainly do not see it as an asset to Belfast in any way. It is something that is grieving to a good number of people”.

The Irish Times reports that the Reverend, who organises an annual anti-gay protest, views his actions not as a “protest” but as “a service of thanksgiving about what the Bible teaches on sodomy”.

“We found that some of the floats were so obscene and the music so loud – it was a very unpleasant experience for anyone that would not be thinking the way the parade organisers would want you to think”

He called Belfast Pride “an in-your-face situation which will always bring reaction”.

The event, according to the Belfast Newsletter, is always designed to be as family friendly as possible.

The Lord Mayor, who attended on Saturday, commented: “Pride is a wonderful, colourful display, a huge parade taking place involving old and young.”

“There were many families as well- a great indication and a great symbol of Belfast moving forward as a changing city”.

Politicians from various parties have all come out strongly in favour of the event.

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