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Midwives in Blackpool have been told to use the word ‘partner’ during antenatal classes after an expectant lesbian couple complained about the use of the word ‘fella’.

Staff have been ordered to use term ‘partner’ so same sex couples and single mums don’t feel ‘uncomfortable’.

The pair told hospital bosses they are too uncomfortable to return to antenatal sessions.

Hospital documents revealed: “The midwife hosting the class kept referring to the ‘fella’s role’ during the labour process.

“The patient is in a same sex relationship and felt this terminology was inappropriate, and that same-sex couples or single mothers could be made to feel uncomfortable.

“The community midwives have been reminded not to use this terminology and to only use the word ‘partner’ in future classes.

“One-to-one parentcraft sessions have also been arranged for the couple as they felt uncomfortable returning to the class.”

It comes after NHS staff were told not to call pregnant women “mothers” over fears they may offend transgender people.

They have been told to call them “pregnant people” instead.

British Medical Association advice says: “A large majority of people that have been pregnant or have given birth identify as women.

“However, there are some intersex men and trans men who may get pregnant.”


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